Radio DCS - The Story

"Radio DCS" is a duo from Vienna with a seemingly paradoxical sound, as it is "modern" Retro Dark Wave with a heavy dose of pop appeal. Radio DCS is comprised of two members, Richard Pustina and Gert Bruenner. They grew up in the 80´s, a time of love it or hate it music genres. Some bands like Depeche Mode and Sisters of Mercy were very successful with their creations of electronic rhythms and unique synthesizer tones. Their style and sonic signatures became the basis for future musicians in this new vein of music. This was the teenage years for both of the members of this band, and influenced their own tones, rhythms, and arrangements.

In the early 1990´s the two formed a band, but as most musicians, they did not storm the international charts. So life moves on, and the men turned to professional careers. But still the duo proved themselves as "creative long-distance runner", in their own words.
Time passed, and the two musicians engaged in different bands and musical projects, as members as well as guest musicians. In 2011, they wiped their musical slate clean and completely reinvented themselves as "Radio DCS".

With this reinvention, there quickly emerged songs, but with the experience and ability of seasoned musicians. The quality of the new material quickly attracted the interest of Germany´s acclaimed Per-Anders Kurenbach as producer for "I try my best to mainstream." The results of their collaboration are 11 songs, which will not disappoint listeners of this genre  of music. They consist of smooth rhythms that reflect that dark velvety 80´s spirit. Timeless modern electronic sounds are contrast with layered vocals and thrown into the mix is a good portion of Dark Wave, a touch of Gothic, and noble romantic melancholy. Even with these pop traits they still manage to avoid their sonic signatures from being classed as "just pop music" sounding.

Being experienced technology based professionals, "Radio DCS" recreates their music with amazingly stunning quality on stage. Recently as support for "Eisbrecher", the guys were as thrilled as their audience of just over 1000 people with the faithfulness of the reproduction on the big stage.
With "I Try My Best To Mainstream" "Radio DCS" will take this stage of their musical career to stages everywhere.